21 Persuasive Words

book-words-that-workInnovators know how to “communicate-to-innovate” by using persuasive language that engages people to support their ideas. Presidential speech-writer Frank Luntz wrote Words That Work, a book that contains his recommended list of persuasive words. Consider using his recommended words when preparing your next presentation or communication.

21 Persuasive Words for 21st Century Communicators

1. Imagine
2. Hassle-free
3. Lifestyle
4. Accountability
5. Results / Can-Do Spirit
6. Innovation
7. Renew, Revitalize, Rejuvenate, Restore,
Rekindle, Reinvent
8. Efficient, Efficiency
9. The Right to
10. Patient-Centered
11. Investment
12. Casual Elegance
13. Independent
14. Peace of Mind
15. Certified
16. All-American
17. Prosperity
18. Spirituality
19. Financial Security
20. Balanced Approach
21. Culture of

Notice that “imagine” is first, “innovation” is number sixth, and the six “R” words came raml as number seven on the list. If you are looking for more words that may be especially appealing to some people, check out Solutionman’s Politicator List and Worksheet that was inspired by the persuasive language of American presidential candidates.

Courtesy of The Innovator’s Digest.

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